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Soft close drawer guide: build, replace or retrofit

Building or upgrading to a soft close drawer requires understanding drawer construction, mounting options and drawer brands. Did you know for new drawers its ...

Guide to Best Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

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How to Measure Drawer Slides in 5 Simple Steps

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The Best #8 Screws for Drawer Slides

#8 screws that come with drawers slides are usually not the right screw. What's so special about a good #8 wood screw? Well, it needs aggressive threads, a ...

3 Best Low Profile Drawer Slides for Small Drawers

Low profile drawer slides are often used for shallow drawers or pull out shelves where the slide needs to blend in. But unfortunately, there just aren't a lot ...

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    Eric T (Chief Editor) May 31, 2023 at 1:33 am

    Hi Lynn – for a side mount I have not seen these. However, an undermount like the Blum is the best bet as they have a smaller side clearance and the drawer slide is not visible.

    Hope this helps.


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