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How to remove dresser drawer with center metal slide

How to Remove Dresser Drawer With Center Metal Slide in 5 Easy Steps

Removing dresser drawers seems like a simple task, right? But, you’re probably here because you can’t seem to make that drawer budge. While most side mount or roller drawers are easy to remove a center mount isn’t always easy. So how do you remove a dresser drawer with a center metal slide?  The trick to removing a struck drawer could be either force or a search for a drawer stopper you didn’t realize was there. Why would a drawer have …

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DIY Guide: 7 Types of Drawer Slides (2021)

If you’ve purchased drawer slides before you likely paused at some point and asked “what type of slide do I really need”? Due to the dozens of types of drawer slides on the market choosing a slide is confusing. But to help you find what you need, in this article we’ll review each type of drawer slide on the market. And where each slide works well (and doesn’t). Types of Drawer Slides Getting started, there are five aspects of a …

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